1st of July – The Queen is coming!

For about the last ten days or so I have been brooding about the first boss.

I decided that the mecha-boss that is currently the boss was not fitting for the insect themed first 25 levels. In the back of my mind I was always playing with the idea of a “queen” of some sort – which is also accompanied by a “swarm”.

I did many different versions till I finaly reached this night something that I like. It’s not completly finished yet… but it certainly shows where I am headed…

And (by now nearly “as usual”) – a short video:

One of these days I’ll probably do a more “techi” blog entry again :-).


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4 thoughts on “1st of July – The Queen is coming!

  1. Chris Parsons

    Oh I like that a lot, much more in keeping with the theme and really effective graphics from not too many lines, looks great.

  2. Peer

    Coincidence? When I watched the video, the radio in our house was playing “Killer Queen” by Queen 🙂 That would be some great background track. Awesome boss!!! Want to play, want to play, want to play…

      1. Peer

        Agreed, you got me there. The Count is a blood sucking beast, threatening to haunt me forever…

        But if you really want to play The Count as much as I want to play Vectorblade, then I will continue working on it right away 🙂

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