25th of March – This and That

Some small notifications.

Vide 2.5

Vide 2.5 is out, look at the download page to download the version you need. More information in the last blog entries and/or in the changelog.


I made a short “after work” trip to Thomas to pick up a “special” Vectrex for tests. (see: Vectrex variances)

I tested and modified Vectorblade – it runs flawlessly now, even on the cranky Vectrex. (Shongololo must be updated though. If anyone working on/with it – give me call)

Added more Help

Added two new pages to “Help”, as pointers for beginners:




One of the things I intend to do next – is to finish Vectorblade. I know there will always be things in the way – but I’ll keep coming back, promised!

Things I did the last couple of days:

  • as said above, made VB more compatible (only in game for now)
  • added two additional “bonus drops” “C” and “P” (hehehe)
  • collected my thoughts and wrote them down
  • yesterday I played a HUGE game, starting at level one, going up from easy, normal, hard, impossible, … (played about 420 levels). That showed me, that at some points I still must tweak the game to have a more linear progression, not one “hurdle” and than it gets to easy
  • also in that game, I advanced thru all stages of ranks – must get more ranks
  • also in that game I had a highscore roll over. Dunno what I will do about that though. The final difficulty should be aimed at players not playing 500 levels in a row…

Last thing I did was to write a diary of V. Tiberius Rex:

Diary of V. Tiberius Rex

Please tell me if that is ok – or whether I should change things (remember English is not my native language).

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