28th August Vectorblade – again!

Do you remember following post?

27th of April – BEAUTIFUL!

This post is basically the same – only for Vectorblade.
As with Karl Quappe I have made a couple of Vectorblade Deluxe editions – following images of the Deluxe boxes:

I know it is “trendy” nowadays… but VB Deluxe features also Aluminum shells. They were amongst “the first ever” – but that was some time ago :-).

Current stand / change of plan

Above image shows 98 boxes of Vectorblade.
As it seems due to several “beta” versions I am missing a few PCB’s. But I will hopefully get another small batch next week, so the 100 promised Vectorblades will be done in time.

Apart from the box “inlays” it seems, that I have material for about another 20 Vectorblades. I ordered 20 additional inlays and whenever they arrive I will do another additional 20 games.

Although I have not decided what to do with these – perhaps I will take the (for me) easier route and just offer them via eBay. Just know if you miss out within the 100 batch, there is still a chance left you might get a VB later on.

Also it might be that David Flemming (Packrat) will produce VBs in the future.

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14 thoughts on “28th August Vectorblade – again!

  1. Vectrexer Vectrexer

    Make me wonder who will be the first to accomplish LED lighting, or back-lighting the game box itself. Even if it just sits on the shelf it will be a cool complimenting item to look at all lit up.

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