2nd of July – What the heck…

Hi folks…

this morning I was a bit bored and fired up my Vectrex.

I had a really great time playing my Karl Quappe. Yeah – I know it is vain to like ones own games :-).

Nonetheless – to let you all have part I decided today I will post a current “Karl Quappe Sunday Edition”.

This is the full new Karl Quappe – only the permancy settings are disabled. Downloadable only TODAY.

Please do not distribute!

If you like it – I don’t mind you saying so!

You may also post critics – but since the cartridges are all done – I won’t change anything!

Download removed – sorry!



I am somewhat “out of whack” today. I am not sure if the posted version actually has saving disabled.

If run from some flash card – and it doesn’t start up, press a button during start…

Than I actually did NOT disable saving :-).

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14 thoughts on “2nd of July – What the heck…

  1. hcmffm

    Thank you for the freedownload of Karl Quappe, Chris!

    Viele Grüße, Helmut

    PS: It’s middle of summer but pretty cold in Germany. Feels pretty strange at the moment – almost a bit like start of autumn.

  2. PC Engine Fan X!

    Thank you for the cool binary of Karl Quappe. I shall fire it up on the ol’ MultiVec flash cart setup and see how it fares. Ain’t nothing like playing Frogger on the ol’ Vectrex as it was meant to be.

    PC Engine Fan X! ^_~

  3. jbrodack

    Thank for posting this. It works on my vecmulti after pataching it.

    The animation is smooth and having music with the gameplay is really nice.

    May just be my Vectrex but the alignment feels off. Like I will miss home even though I was right on target.

    1. Malban Post author

      Well – all vectrex are a bit different.
      While it would be possible to do some alignment in game – I chose not to.
      Karl Quappe was tested on quite a view vectrex and while especially the houses sometimes are a bit off (1-2 millimeters)
      I personally never have seen it completely off.

      I daresay it is (mainly) your vectrex. Ever thought of doing a ReCap?

      1. jbrodack

        Most games work fine on my vectrex though I know at least the demo of vectrexians is pretty off with alignment. I know the full version lets you do calibration.

        I wouldn’t know where to start with a ReCap though if I need to I’d probably see if the retro game store I bought it from could do it.

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