30th of December 2017 – very fast vector draw (demo)

Last couple of days I experimented (again) with high performance vector drawing routines.

The result you can see as a “demo” in the video below:

– up to 70 objects visible at the same time

– they are moving

– they are “animated”

– one can shoot (additionally) up to 10 shots

– collision detection

– sound

– all in 50Hz

After finishing the draw routine – the demo was thrown together from “old” stuff – to get something on the screen.
I don’t know if I will ever produce something “real” with it – but as a showcase it is nice.


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12 thoughts on “30th of December 2017 – very fast vector draw (demo)

    1. Malban Post author

      you should have the bin in your email folder :-).

      IMHO it should work alright on any vectrex – but please tell about your results…

  1. VectrexMad!

    Fantastic, looks even better on a real Vectrex.
    Only thing I notice is that the Vector shapes are not completely closed. Very small gap seen at the tip of the wiggling “arrows”. I’m calling them arrows for not having a better name.

    1. Malban Post author

      I tried it on three of my own – on one I have a tiny little gap too.
      I’m not sure if I worry to “close” the gap – it is probably a difference of 2 cycles -> times 70 times 8 -> performance loss of over a 1000 cycles :).

      Depends on if I ever “use” the routines and if – in what context…
      Thx for the test!

    1. VectrexMad!

      >I’m not sure if I worry to “close” the gap
      I agree. That particular Vectrex I test on (my main one) is the bane of Thomas Sontowski’s and Kristof Tuts’ Vectrex life 🙂

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