8th of November – 19″ Monitor!


just to let you guys know – today I was able to get my new 19 inch monitor working!
There are still 2 capacitors I have to change on the vectrex mainboard to get a larger picture – but overall it looks good.

Most „normal” games work great.

„NORMAL” games here are games that were not done by these optimization freaks like Thomas and I.

Cycle optimized drawing is nothing these monitors like.

Thomas, we should revise our ideas about SHIFTREG – perhaps different vectrex have different monitors and thats all :-).
(If you follow this blog you might have noticed, that for some time now I didn’t believe in the old theory since… see some other blog entry…)

Below I will show some pictures – and you will see what I mean!

Please note:

I am in no way unhappy with the new Monitor – it is a very cool thing – and I am really glad I bought it (and it survived the transport to Germany). In theory it was plug and play to get it to work – in reality I chatted 2 hours with Jason via facebook yesterday – until he by accident saw a stupid mistake I made in the setup – that probably only an electronic illiterate can make!

I find the results for the “optimized”/”custom drawing” games fascinating.

I would very much appreciate if someone can shed some light why the monitors display the optimized vector drawings so differently.

HONESTLY – for once leave a comment it you know/guess something about this!



A first working picture:

Picture not in the middle yet – but that could be adjusted.

Y-Size could not be adjusted – this is why I have to change two caps (look at Jasons Video 0.01uF to 0.0047 uF). Will do so at some point (Caps are ordered).

VecFever with „delay 1″ on the vectrex driving the monitor:

At the same time the Arcade monitor:
(Same time really means SAME time – both monitors are active)

Karl Quappe on Vectrex:

Karl Quappe on Arcade:

Asteroids (Highscore table) on vectrex:

Most of the originals and BIOS using games run like charm though:



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9 thoughts on “8th of November – 19″ Monitor!

  1. Arcade Jason

    very very interesting i have not tested some of those games i have only been able to test it with the sean kelly multi cart which i have had good luck with except fpr clean sweep maybe someday i will make a modification that will adjust the slew rate

    1. Malban Post author

      That doesn’t really make a difference. I buy the explanation that Jason gave. The Arcade monitor is faster in drawing/positioning. The result “makes sense”…

      I would love him to come up with a solution …

  2. Erik Johnson

    Hey Malban,
    This is the exact same issue I have. Original games look fine, “fancier” games have the “short and bright” vectors. I hope someone figures it out because Release is my favorite and it has this issue. The same goes for Protector/Yasi.
    I have tried several capacitors in the Vectrex and have found that .082uf in place of .01 gave the best screen size.

    1. Malban Post author

      Thanks for the Info.

      Really 0.082uF – in his video he suggested 0.0047uF.
      The difference is a factor of 20?

      Damn – I should study electronics – that way I might have a chance that I knew what i was talking about…

      1. Arcade Jason

        unfortunately i have found that not all vectrexs have the EXACT output voltages so different capacitors may be suitable for individual machines i only have experience with my own vectrex some day soon i will look into making the slew rate comparable it should be a simple fix and most likely will require a change in deflection voltage

        1. Malban Post author

          Ah, I will try the capacitor you suggested – if it’s not optimal – I will the the one Erik suggested :-).

          Looking forward to the slew adjustment.
          Thx for the update…

    1. Malban Post author

      I have a sortiment of capacitors lying around now… I just have to actually come around and do the replacment.
      When I do – I will report my results!

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