26th of November 2017: Prototypes and Release candidates…

Lets start of with “C”!

C – as in the Language, but also C as in the “C”ount. “The Count” is a game being written by Prof. Dr. Peer Johannsen (See also link to his own page about the – The Count – link (actually also updated today!)).

As of now the the game is written 100% in C and is a homage to the famous Sesame Street character – or so I guess.  The game is all about counting – in the correct order. More information about the game in the video accompanying this blog entry.

Still “C”. Bouncer is my own “C” demo program about a bouncing smiley who wants to discover the world. At the moment I am thinking about (at least) four different bounceable levels.
– one level will be a “platform” sort of level where you can role and bounce  and look for the exit
(inspired by Swoops/Splatform – Thomas Jentzsch – Atari 2600 demo)
– one level inspired by Moon Patrols “Mine Field”
– one level inspired by Going down – Alex Herbert
– one level inspired by Canabalt

Perhaps I’ll get even more inspired :-).

Splatform (Atari 2600, is actually insprired by an even older game called Splatform (C64) by Robin Harbron).

First shots can also been seen in the video.

Still – still “C”!

Graham Toal is currently porting a Tail Gunner (oops -Rail Gunner) to Vectrex (using C).
We communicated a little and you can see a current demo of his works in the Video as well.

Not “C” but ASM.

On a retro event in Germany I met “Der Luchs” – and we are currently communicating and swapping thoughts and algorythms… He started a new (as yet unnamed game) and also wants to get “Menschenjagd” ready (a project nearly finished 3 years ago – but somehow “forgotten”). I Think Sascha (Der Luchs) is actually re writing the whole thing. Currently “new” work in progress can also be watched in the Video.


Last but not least – something nearly unspeakable has happened. I am speechless and let the image work for itself:

Can that be real?


The Video:


4 thoughts on “26th of November 2017: Prototypes and Release candidates…

    1. Malban Post author

      Overlays… nowhere – even I am chasing after them for about a year now!

      Nah – honestly, I have a small run made for the “personal” use, by the same manufacturer that made Ian’s overlays.
      Ian will keep some of the surplus overlays – as far as I know at one point he might decide to sell them…

      But with overlays – patience is a virtue :-).

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