9th of August – lazy summer.


just a short notice – that I haven’t done much the last month. I really was rather lazy and played games instead of doing any vectrex-stuff.

Stuff done to vide:

  • updated syntax highlighting once more to handle large files better (very chunky if files > 100kB are edited)
  • dissi: pointers added to defining popup (was implemented all along, but not available via the popup)
  • dissi: updated profiling such that you can also see in dissi the cycles that a subroutine uses

Also some bugfixes.

I did very little regarding my new game (see blog there + first animated tiles) – actually I don’t “burn” for it yet, so it is more work than hobby – but that will come in time.

Other things on the horizont:

  • I’ll probably update the JOGL routines one day to support other Vide emulation features, perhaps even do a standalone/fullscreen emulation that can be accesses via command line switches. That would make Vide compatible with an older Mac project of mine: mac-one-click, that would make single vectrex games accessable as “native” Mac applications :-)!
  • If for that anyone would like to provide similar skins as used by parajve emulator – I could use that as an incentive to get going with that sooner!
    (The major “slow down” factor in Vide emulation [apart from the development features which can be switched off] is the graphics output. Doing output in JOGL is in comparisson neglectible)
  • Also on the far horizon still might be the implementation of an own very “c” type language for the vectrex. [compiler]
    Although this might be little more than “experimental research” on my part!

Karl Quappe

The second revision of the Karl Quappe boxes arrived – this time they DO fit into the box protectors.

Due to me being really lefthanded on both hands I rather blew the planned box inlays done via thermoforming (I never finished a good “form” to use in the process) – I switched to use some foam material (waiting for delivery now).

Also waiting for the third incarnation of overlays.


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