Accumulated changes…

In the last days I did quite a couple of small changes to Vide. Following some I can remember :-)!

1. Vedi – The editor

a) above you see some of the changes I made to Vedi. You can now add breakpoints in your sources by clicking on the line number (toggle), below a table was added, that lists all currently active breakpoints. Double clicking on an entry also jumps to the definition.

b) while I was adding a table anyway, I also added a list for the bookmarks.

c) scanning of variables should be hopefully a bit more accurate

d) vedi now not only remembers what files were open, but also places the position to the last known line

e) enabled finaly the “save all” button (totally forgotten about it)

f) bugfixes

2. Dissi (and children)

a) vari (the variable list window) is now sortable, makes it faster to find a named variable

b) in vari the memory locations (RAM) can now be edited and changed while a program is running

3. Vecci (and children)

a) some bug fixes to the “raster” conversion window

4. Documentation

The above not documented yet – but added a section under “Programming The Vectrex” called “Findings” under which I gather “strange” behaviours I (or some others) discovered, headings are:

– VIA: delay of SHIFTREG
– VIA: 9 shift bug
– VIA: stalling of the SHIFTREG
– Analog: zeroing (time until the integrators are completely zero)
– Analog: integrator retain ?
– differences in “weight” (scale and strength)
– sampling to the amplifier circuit
– different dac delay
– buzz / no buzz (CART line)

Karl Quappe

It has been a bit quiet on the communication front.

Following things were done last couple of days:

  • forwarded the overlay to be forwarded to a possible printer 🙂
  • I did a lot more testing
  • VTK did even more testing, his findings were included in the current “final” bin, changes include, but are not limited to:
    • loudness of music/sound more “leveled”
    • more stable display, because of “sorting” of the print routines
    • string routines “more” fixed, they caused trouble on some vectrex systems
    • removed some of the “jerks” in object movement
    • game over string smaller and brightness corrected
    • “timing” of levels were improved, timing more challenging on level rollover

Thats all there is for now – new downloads not available yet though.


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2 thoughts on “Accumulated changes…

    1. Malban Post author

      That is more a “convenience” function… you could (nearly always) insert breakpoints in your sources before, you just had to explicitly insert the correct comment line, like:
      ; hey dissi "break"

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