Malban – Vide diary – 8th of November 2016 II



Just a small note.

I added two options to Vide, T1- and Shift- delays.
This is not the correct emulation of VIA I mentioned in the last post – but fiddling with the settings I was able to get all known vectrex bins to work/look like they should.

I tested above 8 “problem” carts:

  • Christopher Tumbers “sd.bin” – highly optimized game – draws like mad and resets to zero in a flash…
  • Cleansweep, the damn maze is a raster image of enormous proportions
  • Test bin done by me, highly optimized routines, which were not displayable correctly before
  • Thrust, with 3rd generation bug, raster images and some other stuff
  • Vectrex Frogger, also highly optimized drawing routines, lots of stuff on screen, which must be placed correctly
  • Thomas’ Arena with it’s optimized routines, in a version with 4 different text drawing routines. All of which can be configured correctly (though not at the same time, just like a real vectrex), the version I chose as “my” version btw is calibration option “Three”.
  • Vetrexians, with its also very optimized invaders
  • Berzerk Arena as an example of Alex custom routines for printing various stuff.

Options for delays now look like:


This is still a “Rutherford” – Version of Vide.



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