RC3 is available

Last night I put together a RC3 version of Vide. As the “RC” flag indicates, this also is not a final release, but includes many changes to RC2 and is now pretty close to what I want for the final.

I would like some feedback, what’s good, whats’ bad, what could be better – or what should be configurable instead of hardwired – and so on, and certainly feedback if you discover bugs.

RC3 is released in a complete zip file, containing all documentations, source code and settings needed to get up and running.

For first steps you might want to look at the documentation videos
– these are linked to under: “Help”.vecci

Following a list of known changes in relation to RC2:

  • mirror of vectorlists
  • rotating of single vectorlists
  • importing more than one vectorlist in one go
  • changing of modes using the middle mousebutton
  • display of current set mode
  • some layout changes


  • emulation of VecVoice (e.g. Verzerk, YASI…)
  • emulation of VecVox (e.g. Space Frenzy, BRECHER, …)
  • emulation of VecLink V1 (e.g. utg)
  • emulation of VecLink V2 (e.g. BerzerkArena)
  • emulation of DualVec (e.g. DualVec DualVec 2)
  • emulation of DS 2430A (e.g. YASI, Protector, Thrust)imager
  • emulation of Microchip 11AA010 (e.g. Vector Pilot)
  • emulation of 3d Imager (Goggles)
  • emulation of extra RAM (Animaction, Spectrum RA, Logo)
  • emulation of Spectrum RA “hardware”
  • in general support of “plug in devices”
  • second Joystick
  • Lightpen port 0
  • auto sync enhancements
  • emulation speed is shown


  • new CLI commands (e.g. set register to value…)
  • panels to debug/inspect joystick and cartridge devices
  • added “binary” as display option for data
  • added “calculator” (CLI) and help (mnemonic/bios functions – double click on cell)dissi
  • dumpi can display vectorlists from selected memory regions
  • dumpi can display raster images from selected memory regions
  • dumpi has memory region and 16bit register “direct jump” buttons
  • viai differs on PB6 between in/output
  • ani differs between in/output and supports 2 joyports
  • vinfi includes current vectorcount
  • dissi “use label as data” popup command added
  • dissi – coloring for different memory sections (bios/bank/”normal”)
  • vari can add new variables by user, also “use label as data” added
  • ayi added latched register, and tooltip to reg 7


  • like in dissi added different “helps”/calculator
  • added injection mode
  • added support for the “new” emulated hardware (+ some code generations)
  • added speech panel



  • in general – updated documentation to reflect above mentioned changes
  • added a section “code generation” which explains how and when vide generates vectrex code
  • new section in “cartridge” emulation: … which documents all “additional” devices emulated
  • section codi expanded, with documentation about newly created code for vedi
  • also added code to the codi directory with examples for:
    VecLink V1
    VecLink V2
    3d Imager
  • expanded the “Vectrex internal” section with some newly begun sections
  • expanded the Copyright/License section
  • added documentation to “vedi” about VecVoice/VecVox


  • bugfixes of all kind
  • new bugs! (which have not been found yet)
  • configuration for different sound volumes (PSG only and Master)
  • emulation speed limit
  • imager auto mode (on/off)
  • dissi column setup correctly saves now
  • include settings for assi
  • dissi is now a “singleton” which can be switched between vecxi instances
  • cartridge configuration can be configured to use new emulated hardware
  • 3d Imager “wheel”-editor
  • reduced java version requirements from 1.8 to 1.7



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4 thoughts on “RC3 is available

  1. Fell^RiFT

    It’s a tiny thing, but would be lovely if dumpi could show in its mouseover popup the value as a 2s complement signed byte. Having lots of fun!

    1. Malban Post author

      That’s an easy request, done in 10 minutes – but nonetheless, you’ll have to wait for the next version.

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