Vide diary – 18th of March 2016

Dear diary, despite his learnings Malban had a little bit of spare time. He didn’t start any big things, but did pick up some scraps that were left. So a couple of fixes which were bothering me went underway:

  • syntax check again, if variables were double defined, and one deleted or changed, the other one was not recognized anymore (this happens often if you code by copy and paste :-)) – fixed
  • the soundfix for berzerk, broke sound in thrust – doh! Fixed the fix now everything seems sound!
  • syntax checking while pretty print in Vide was moved “out of the thread”, this behaves better with swing multithreading
  • deleting large sections of code – syntax check equally moved out of thread
  • selecting chunks of text with cursor and shift mouseclick now works as expected
  • polar rescue bug fixed, good that parabellum has is dev-blog still online!
  • For dissi, enabled hide and display of columns, also column-widths are now saved, Malban was getting really annoyed by that huge table
  • Ray-display started

Yeah that was a thing Malban was thinking about for a long time now. To not “collect” vector data and do a draw when a vector is finished, but to draw on each cycle the current beam position!
This was implemented, but probably won’t be finalized.
The raygun is shot at the display panel, each emulated cycle, with the information:

  • old position
  • new position
  • speed (or dwell time, however you would like to look at it)
  • color
  • isCurved

The display routine is responsible to draw the positioning information. The idea was, that color, speed and position can be used to enhance brightness of the display. If a point has its color “full” (255), than it should spill further coloring to neighbouring pixels.

The thing is, doing a “simple” draw right now without any further evaluation and “spilling” is already really slow (which is not really suprising either).

So unless Malban gets really bored, this feature won’t be enhances any time soon.

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