Vide diary – 19th of March 2016

Surprisingly Malban had a little bit of spare time today. If you look from the outside – nothing much changed from yesterday to today, and mainly it was boring stuff – but nonetheless neccessary stuff. The really bad thing about it – it is not finished for quite some time, the boring and the bad…

For usability reasons there must be some cleanups. At the moment quite a few shortcuts are present which are not maintainable or help with usability. Malban started today with the intention to bring the vedi project “managment” to

  1. build a multi bank project
  2. create all neccessary files
  3. compile a multibankcartprop and run it

Well – that didn’t work out in just one day, since – as so often happens – one thing led to another…

  • first he had to implement projects, load them, allow property editing and so on
  • than he had to implement “correct” cartridge types for bankswitching and other stuff
  • than he started a “starter” panel, since vecxi only knows bin files (more or less) not cartridges
  • than he implemented a whole lot of cartridge stuff
  • than he created an editor to edit the settings for cartridges
  • … and now he is not really much closer to compiling a banked program…  he will get there, but these little things that are neccessary and a distraction at the same time are – well – annoying!

To the left an example for a current cart with its properties… (not all implemented – mind you)

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