Vide diary – 22th of March 2016

Malban HAD time, and did spend a lot of time with me. Although – again – he did not really do what he planned he would. Mainly he did the CartProperties (see last entry). There was much fiddlestick stuff that needed to be visited, cleaned up and implemented.

Even the window looks the same as befor, so no new screenshot is neccessary. Regarding CartProperties mainly two things were done:

  • added many, many cards with their respective properties, all original cards and many homebrew binaries
  • since many of the homebrew stuff have dubious copyrights or even forbid packaging them within any form of “collection”, Malban provided links to their internet locations. He even implemented a configurable “Downloader” which can download said “Roms” on the fly:


With this he circumvents the restrictions and can provide accessable images.

The second thing that was implemented was a “cartridge” starter window:


Here all configured cartridge are listed (along with their properties). The starter is split into two halfes, the upper part a list of all “games”, and the lower half an information panel. The list has some “excel-qualities” you can filter/sort the list right mouseclick for a popup with other configurations and even export it to excel (or whatever your favourite table application may be).

A double click on a table entry starts the rom image behind the entry (or initiates a download first).

Last thing implemented has to do with configuration options. newConfig

All options are now bundled in one class and can as such be easily saved and loaded.

So you can bundle all options to “sensible” names, like:

  • “Fastest emulation”
  • “Default”
  • “Added Timings”
  • “Splines”
  • etc

Doesn’t sound like much, but this implementation also kept Malban busy.
This was pretty much a “cleanup” update. In preparation of FINALY doing the rest of the project stuff…

… see ‘ye next update…

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