Vide diary – 29th of March 2016

The last couple of days the “cleanup” process continued. There were no groundbreaking changes, but finishing touches (or rather advances upon a path to someday finish something) were delivered. For example projects can now be (completely) created, loaded, saved, added to, removed from etc.

When new projects are created the option to generate a skeletton program now includes bank switch schemes for “Dondzila” bankswitching and VecFlash bankswitching.

Cartridges and emulation of these were further cleaned, so now also for the “extreme” vectrex card the “bin” file can be configured.

Emulation changed again slightly because in some raster displays timing still was not exactly exact like Malbans machine(s). So for example the garbled greetings in “lineart” were differently garbled in emulation than on the real thing. Malban needed to implement timing for mux-sel rather than for each “receiving” end of a mux selection.



(Ok, I haven’t gotten the glow right yet – but the pixels are again more or less correctly incorrect :-))

With these timings “correcter” (or so Malban believes) a different error showed in Chris Tumbers “sd.bin” (no name game), display of the shot was “strange”. Strange in ways that after the shot was drawn the ZERO signal was set, but to FAST. To fast as in the emulator painted a vector line from shot to 0,0, which looked really bad.

ZERO timing was not correct in combination with other timings (Chris switches ZERO very VERY fast after the shot is done!) (actually in the source, even WHILE the shot is still displayed). Anyway, since timers are the solution to everything…

Bug fix in Dissi, now it uses CNT files correctly for multi bank compiles (cartridges contain now bin filenames for multi file banks).

Again a slightly better display for splines.

Added screenshots (real vectrex shots) to all listed games/demos.

Codi supports the use of projects (e.g. lineart for multi banks).

Added an autosync option for displaying a more stable image (uses timer t2 of via).

Assi list generation changed to be a bit more performant.

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