Vide diary – 9th of June 2016

Dear Diary,

Malban is back from his holiday, but hasn’t been into much programming yet. The feedback concerning RC1 and RC2 has been (as expected)  somewhat “restrained”, so there was not much need of bugfixings of any kind.

Nonetheless he has not totally forgotten me, following changes were done the last couple of days:2dtools

  • changed code and compiler settings, so Vide is now runnable with Java 1.7 (down from 1.8)
  • added some “shortcuts” to vecci to handle rotating/mirroring of 2d vectorlists without having to take a detour through animations
  • corrected a bug in “127” vector length detection
  • added emulation of the eEprom: DS2430A (that is the one used by Protector, YASI and Thrust)
  • supported emulations can now be seen, the not supported once are now disabled 🙂
  • added a new setting to assi, in what “relative” path includes should be searched for
  • update to some documentation

Malban is in no hurry to do an actual release, there might be some more release candidates though. The “problem” is, that the todo list is still somewhat lengthy. Many items could certainly be done after a release in a future VERSION… but…

Have a nice day…


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