Malban – Vide diary – 30th of August 2016


Just a quick notice. The above image is one of Vide running parallel output on the “normal” output routine (slow java – right) and a “rudimentary” openGL (support from lwjgl 3) output.

It can be more or less easily be done – but you know what? I don’t find it fun at all to get into LWJGL 3.

I really disliked JInput – having to use “native” libraries, doing funny stuff to ensure they can be initialized all right. Having a library which does not know what an “event” is, where one must “poll” all data one wants to use in a “main loop”.

Ok, I implemented some use of JInput and I will leave it in, I can live with it.

But I refuse to be drawn further into LWJGL, and I honestly am also not in the mood right now to try another “OpenGL” library.

  • Setting up natives again, getting them to run using trial and error
  • Ensuring that under a OSX system a “-XstartOnFirstThread” parameter is passed onto the JVM
  • Having access to any GL commands only under the main thread (not even the EDT!)

That is not why I use a high level language. This is not what I want to program like.

OpenGL use is cancled until further notice!
(Yes, this was the first time I did some OpenGL and might have some prejudice…)



PS. RC4 was uploaded 2 days ago…

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